Loneliness, followed with the feeling of isolation and anxiety is among the most frequent modern illnesses. What makes the matters worse for the sufferers is that the problem isn’t at all imaginary. People who move from the familiar environment often become distant from close friends and family, be it for work or family duties. It’s sad to have to admit it, but it is absolutely possible for a person to become isolated. In most cases, it’s not the person who carries the blame. Environments that are exclusive towards new members and restrained climate modern people live in leaving very little space for welcoming a new person into their lives. Here are a couple of ways to cope with loneliness and isolation:

 1. Get help

Counseling is a certain way to make the situation better. Even if you don’t get groundbreaking results, you can’t get worse. Confidence and self-esteem issues are serious, genuine heartaches that require expert support. Your own sense of self-loathing might be pushing you further into isolation, enhanced with the modern tendency for holding oneself responsible even for situations that are beyond your control. If possible, talk about your issues with a counselor. If the company you’re working provides any form of counseling, try reaching out to find out the specific qualities of the group and how you might fit in better.

 2. Be comfortable with yourself

If you have a constant need for company, you’ll definitely experience difficulties adjusting to major life changes. When people around you join different colleges or start families, friend groups are bound to lose touch at least temporarily. Lack of social life is a major heartache for those who are married and have kids as well, so keep this in mind when you put people who have their lives “figured out” on a pedestal. To cope with loneliness easier, learn how to enjoy spending time by yourself. This means going out on your own, taking a trip on your own, and having dinners on your own. 

3. Join groups

Most urban environments offer different forms of social engagement. If you join a gym, a book club, an art class or the local sports team, you’ll inevitably meet new people. What you should avoid doing is rushing your way into someone’s life and letting people into your own easily. Quality friendships take time to develop, and it could take up to a year of regular socializing with a person to actually bond on a deeper level. For starters, appreciate having new people to hang out with and bond over topics you all enjoy. 

4. Reach out of your comfort zone

People love being around comfortable, happy and satisfied people. The road to achieving this won’t be easy, because it will require you to face insecurities. Whatever it is that makes you uncomfortable and insecure, you’ll inevitably have to face it if you want to beat the fear of being judged and ridiculed. Once you gain more confidence, you’ll laugh at the days when you actually cared about what people think.


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