Most everyone that you speak with wants younger looking skin, and it’s mainly with women. Who doesn’t want to look like they are still in their twenties when they are really in their forties, right? Keep in mind that if you take proper care of your skin, you will not have to worry about aging horribly while still in your forties, which isn’t that old to even begin with, but there are so many people that think as soon as they turn thirty, their life is over. In reality, when a person hits thirty, their life is only beginning! There are quite a lot of people that do not even know what facial Yoga is, which is normal because it’s something that’s not talked about much, but it does exist.

By doing facial Yoga, a person can maintain great flexible features in the face, as well help to obtain vigor and stress within the facial muscles. If you are one of those people that absolutely cannot afford cosmetic surgery, then you may want to consider engaging in some amazing facial Yoga because there are forms of it that do work. Today, we are going to be providing you with some information that you can use if you want to get rid of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, as well so much more!

Smoothing the Forehead

This is an amazing Yoga for the face because it helps to take away the wrinkles and worry lines that surface across a person’s forehead. To start this facial Yoga practice, you will need to widen your eyes, attempting to expose as much of the white within your eye as you can. You will need to hold that stance until your eyes start to water. How exactly does this work? Well, when a person holds this expression, they are engaging the muscles in strength around the forehead, as well the eyes. This will tend to erase the negative effects of scowling that a person may do unintentionally throughout the day.


Firming the Cheeks

Who wouldn’t want firmer facial cheeks, right? Now, to complete this facial Yoga stance, you are going to need to first, take a large breath through your mouth, then puff that breath from cheek to cheek such as a bullfrog and then release that specific stance. This particular stance that you will do with your face will help your cheek muscles to toughen, as well will prevent the muscles in your cheeks from becoming more hallow, as well thinner! What woman or man really wouldn’t want that for their appearance?

Getting Rid of Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are a horrible little marking that usually affects both men and women around the corners of the eyes in later age, some even happening around the mid to late twenties marking, depending on how well you take care of your skin and how much sun you expose yourself to. To successfully get rid of your crow’s feet through facial Yoga, you must first start by visualizing winking with your lower lid, okay? Then you will need to push, releasing your lower lid moderately without moving any additional facial muscles. You will then need to add a little bit of fingertip weight in the outer crease of the crow’s feet because this creates some heaviness for the muscle to work against, making sure that you don’t drag your skin. What good could all this do? Well, keep in mind that by exercising the muscles around your eyes, you are teaching your skin and muscles to become firmer, preventing the skin from folding over and creating those thin lines that everyone hates so much.

The Prevention of Your Chin and Neck from Sagging

So many people cannot stand the unwanted appearance of a sagging neck and chin, which is totally understandable. Now, when it comes to facial Yoga, to tighten the chin and neck areas, you must first push the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth, smiling and swallowing while you point your chin to the ceiling. This facial Yoga stance is called Baby Bird and works wonders if you cannot go to the plastic surgeon to lift your chin and neck areas. Keep in mind that there are some cases if you’re overweight that facial Yoga will not be as effective as going to the plastic surgeon, but for most cases in individuals, these Yoga stances do work in preventing sagging skin and wrinkles upon the skin.


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