Michigan is a state so very well known for its great and oh so stunning lakes, amazing countryside, but within the inaudible mannerisms of the waters and fresh air, Michigan has some pretty amazing Off-Road Racing experiences to offer out and today, we are going to go over some places to experience such a fun, as well amazing sport.

What Is Off-Road Racing?

Off-Road Racing is a specific format of racing whereas numerous classes of specially altered vehicles will participate in races throughout off-road terrains or areas. Some vehicle examples include buggies, oversized trucks, cars, motorcycles, and objects such as that.

What Are Some of The Benefits of Off-Road Racing?

Below, within list form, I am going to go over some of the lovely benefits that Off-Road Racing can provide to a person.

Better feel of living in the moment

Increased happiness in overall mood

Increased hand and eye coordination

Sleeping better during the night

Bark River International Raceway

This track has definitely obtained some “track” to it over the years, as Bark River has been around for forty-two years and is home to the U.P Off-Road 100 and the TORC (The Off-Road Championship). This place is operated and owned by The Bark River Lions Club, which is a non-profit benevolent society. This track has many twists and turns, full of dirt to spin those wheels up against and truly, is one of the most fun and exhilarating tracks around! A fun fact to take into consideration is that ever since the year of 2000, the Bark River Lions Club has actually donated over $500,000 to multiple civic developments!

RedBud MX

At RedBud MX, the racing and excitement for a day will definitely be a day to remember! Accompanied with many jumps, tricks and hurdles to cross over, you will definitely never be bored! The visitors and personal cheerleaders have the options to sit down in the grassy infields, having options to bring a blanket or chair from home! RedBud MX is a place where Off-Road Racing takes high stance in small and large jumps, flying dirt, and eternal smiles!

Hartford Speedway

As of 2016, Hartford Speedway Racing announced that they added their short-course to the 2016 race schedule! Now this place has some of the most remarkable and finest tracks to harbor large, off-road vehicles! Ranging from wide, long, and twisty race tracks, Hartford Speedway is quite the larger racing track; even being able to fit bleacher seating of 5,500 spectators!

Twisted Trails Off Road Park

This park is quite astonishing! It has over 200 acres which are run by individuals who are highly dedicated in giving their racers and visitors the best off-road experience conceivable! This park actually hosts numerous events yearly and also enjoys raising as much money possible for several non-profit assemblies! Twisted Trails Off Road Park has an astonishing, on-site rustic campsite, as well a freshly created music stage and this park’s goal isn’t just to make you come and enjoy yourself, but to keep coming back for more thrill and drive!



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